Impact Investing and Islamic Finance: A Path Towards Sustainability

Fong Auditorium

Muslims in America and around the world are seeking to invest individually and institutionally in ways that embody their values. But much of the discussion within Islamic finance can seem to focus on “negative” screening, i.e. staying away from “sin” industries and excessive debt, with much less weight given to “positive” screening i.e. encouraging sustainable impact based on numerous other Islamic values (e.g. environmental stewardship, labor rights, economic empowerment, accountability and governance, etc.). This panel explores (i) whether and how the conversation of Islamic finance can or should be broadened to include consideration of positive impact, (ii) whether and how industry practitioners/faith leaders think about values-based investing and the impact of their own institutions, and lastly, (iii) whether and how lay individuals can incorporate impact considerations even when deciding between financial options where none of the options seem to fall under the current rubric of Islamic Finance.

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