Ibrahim Hassan

Executive Director of Investments, QDB

Ibrahim Mohammed Hassan has been Executive Director of Investments at Qatar Development Bank (QDB) since March 2017, where he manages a venture capital fund of over $100 million. The fund’s mandate is to support Qatari entrepreneurs and accelerate them to a global scale. Ibrahim plays an instrumental role in building the local ecosystem in Qatar and to arm the next generation entrepreneurs with knowledge, vision and necessary funds to become true global players.

Prior to this role, Ibrahim was responsible for the direct lending activities at QDB. Ibrahim has accumulated over 10 years of experience in both conventional and Islamic banking. Prior to joining QDB, Ibrahim worked for QIB as a Sr. Financial Analyst as well as other banking roles. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar and is a Member of CFA Institute.

My Sessions

Fintech, Blockchain and Crowdfunding: It’s Role in Impact Financing

Fong Auditorium

While a lot has been discussed about blockchain applications and fintech development in the conventional finance industry, limited discourse is available on the possible role of blockchain, fintech & crowdfunding on Impact and Social Investing. This specialized session focuses on the current and future implications of Fintech and Blockchain on Islamic finance and addresses issues […]

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