Khaled Elsayed

President and CEO, Guidance Financial Group

Mr. Elsayed is President and CEO of Guidance Financial Group LLC and Guidance Residential LLC. He is a leading U.S. mortgage industry executive with broad national experience in all aspects of the business, including sales and operations. He is an accomplished leader in start-up and high-growth business environments and has extensive experience in building motivated teams to achieve and exceed target objectives. Mr. Elsayed was previously President and CEO of HomeView Lending, where he helped start the company and build its sales and operating structure. Prior to HomeView, he held various executive positions with New Century Mortgage Corporation, culminating in the position of President of the Wholesale Division, where he assumed full P&L responsibility and grew annual production from US $4 billion to US $46 billion over a three-year period.

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Impact Investing and Islamic Finance: A Path Towards Sustainability

Fong Auditorium

Muslims in America and around the world are seeking to invest individually and institutionally in ways that embody their values. But much of the discussion within Islamic finance can seem to focus on “negative” screening, i.e. staying away from “sin” industries and excessive debt, with much less weight given to “positive” screening i.e. encouraging sustainable […]

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