Lokesh Gupta

Co-founder, RM Applications

Lokesh Gupta is a Co-founder and CTO at RM Applications and is based out of Kuala Lumpur. He has 17 years of extensive experiences in Consulting for Financial Solutions in wider areas such as Remittance & Payments, Regulatory & Risk Data Mart Development, ALM & Basel 3 Compliance, Data Management, Core Banking and Project Management. His implementation experience is for Islamic and Conventional Financial Institutions in South East Asia. He has also co-authored books in Islamic Finance and has also published papers in various reputed magazines.

My Sessions

Alignment ESG and Impact Investing with Islamic Finance or SRI

Fong Auditorium

Academics and researchers have long viewed Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) and Equitable Financing as the Holy Grail of Islamic Finance. Many of the stipulations of Islamic Finance have been widely rationalized as being necessary for equitable growth and as being more humane, compassionate even more environmentally sustainable than secular banking practices in their larger impact […]

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