Yasir Fahmy

Senior Imam, ISBCC

Yasir F. Fahmy is the Senior Imam at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC). Through his teaching, lecturing, mentorship, and religious leadership, Sh. Yasir aims to foster love for Islam and appreciation of the vast richness of the Islamic tradition in new generations of American Muslims.

Sh. Yasir graduated from Rutgers Business School in 2006 and worked in finance and venture capital for three years. Afterwards, he decided to return to his real passion of learning and teaching Islam. He traveled to the Middle East and enrolled in the prestigious Al-Azhar University in Cairo.

After seven years of intensive study, Sh. Yasir received a degree in Islamic Studies from Al-Azhar and attained numerous ‘ijazas (independent certifications) in the subjects of Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh), the Islamic oral tradition (hadith), theology (aqida), principles of jurisprudence (usul al-fiqh), life of the Prophet (sirah), self-purification (tazkiyyah), logic (mantiq), Arabic grammar (nahu), morphology (sarf) and rhetoric (balagha). In 2013, Sh. Yasir Fahmy became the first American Azhari to teach in the renowned Al-Azhar Mosque.

My Sessions

Impact Investing and Islamic Finance: A Path Towards Sustainability

Fong Auditorium

Muslims in America and around the world are seeking to invest individually and institutionally in ways that embody their values. But much of the discussion within Islamic finance can seem to focus on “negative” screening, i.e. staying away from “sin” industries and excessive debt, with much less weight given to “positive” screening i.e. encouraging sustainable […]

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