Shariq Nisar

Professor, Rizvi Institute of Management Studies and Research

Shariq Nisar is Professor at Rizvi Institute of Management Studies and Research (RIMSR). Prior to joining RIMSR he worked at the Harvard Law School as Senior Visiting Fellow. Shariq spent over a decade and a half in the Indian finance industry developing financial products and services that aimed at improving financial inclusion and increased investment in socially responsible sectors. He made some seminal contributions to India’s financial sector by launching India’s first shariah index with the Bombay Stock Exchange, first mutual fund scheme and first venture capital scheme approved by the Indian capital market regulator, SEBI.

In academia, Shariq has been associated with many universities, colleges and institutes in designing their courses, conducting research and delivering workshops for faculty and industry professionals. He started the Islamic finance program at AMU Aligarh and established India’s first Center for Alternative Finance at ITM Business School, Mumbai. He has authored 3 books and 60 research papers and articles. He has participated in more than 40 international conferences. Shariq is the recipient of PhD in Economics from Aligarh Muslim University, India.

For his contribution to Indian financial system Shariq received Skoch Digital Inclusion Award 2011. He also recipient of Honorary Award from Islamic Finance Forum of South Asia (IFFSA), Colombo for his contribution to the Indian finance industry.

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